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Make The Lamp into a USB Charger for Your Smartphone or Tablet

Some people meditate to wind down; others find relaxation by taking a brisk walk. Me, I like to mindlessly peck on my smartphone to find silly videos of cats, a good sale on shoes, or a Facebook questionnaire that pinpoints my celebrity dopleganger. It’s a total time-suck, not to mention a battery suck on my phone. And when the juice dwindles to the point of near extinction, the closest place in my pad to charge up is across the room—away from my favorite spot on the couch. I know, I know … poor me.

No more than an arm’s length away, though, is a lamp, and thanks to a new $20 product developed by Olens Technology, it’s possible to power a smartphone right from the light socket of a lamp. The LampChamp is an adapter that screws into a standard light bulb socket in a lamp. The LampChamp adds a 2A USB connector into which you can plug a USB cable to charge your phone, tablet, whatever.It provides another socket for the light bulb so the lamp still produces light.

It installs in seconds and provides an always-on USB port with a dedicated on/off switch for the bulb. Yes, having to deal with a secondary on/off switch might be a minor hassle, but for me, it’s worth not having to get off the couch to charge my phone.