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How to Make the Exotic Homade Bamboo Lights

Bamboo Lights

Easy homemade bamboo lights to create an exotic atmosphere around your living space. (Image credit:

Having a decorative light in the living room or foyer is cool and it does not have to be expensive. You can even make your own, ie, by utilizing the existing bamboo around you. By having this, your room will look more exotic and even romantic.
This kind of decorative lights can be placed in various corners of the room, such as living room, foyer or in the corner of the park. Besides being decorative lights, this kind of lights can also be used as accent lights to guide people to a certain place, such as a restaurant corridor. Let’s take a look at the following image.

Do you want to try to make it? If you do so, you will need bamboo, 5 watt energy saving lamp in the yellow color, cable, paint or varnish, clear epoxy paint, cement, and sandpaper. Below are the steps to make it.

  1. Choose dried bamboo which is quite large, with a diameter of about 10 cm. Cut the bamboo with a length of 1.5 meters or as needed.
  2. Rub the bamboo using the sandpaper and paint the entire part of it with brown color or varnish. Let it dry.
  3. Select one of the bamboo segments that will be the lamp holder. After that, saw the upper part of the pole. Do not forget that there should be a part of the pole that remains intact for the lamp holder.
  4. Rub the open part of the bamboo with the sandpaper so that the bamboo powder disappears.
  5. Punch a hole through the center of the bamboo for the cable.
  6. Insert the 5 watt light into the bamboo pole. After checking for fit, glue or epoxy the light to the pole
  7. To make the base of the lamp holder, you will use the cement. You can take a small bucket or used can of paint as the mold. The height of the lamp holder base will be between 7 up to 10 cm.
  8. Paint the entire bamboo, the holder, and also the inside part of the pole that is already open. Use clear epoxy paint to make the color brown and the open area shiny.
  9. Install the light and put it in any place you have planned.
  10. If you want to put the light in an open space, close the open part of the lamp with acrylic or glass.

Well, now you have a homemade decorative light. Thanks to the creativity which can turn something expensive into the cheap one, without eliminating the aesthetic elements. Good luck!