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5 Widely Used Lighting Techniques

Downlight LightingA light fixture is an artificial light resource in which the light can be directed to any place we want. It is the advantage of a light fixture compared to the sun. We cannot move or direct the sunlight. In fact, the intensity and the angle of the sunlight always changes every moment. Generally, lighting direction can be divided into five categories which are down-light, up-light, back-light, side-light, and front-light. At a certain room condition, the light often comes not only from one source, but from the combination of those five lighting directions. Another factor which is also important in directing the light is the use of a lampshade. It helps directing and reflecting the light as what we desire.

Well, now let’s learn more about down-light, up-light, back-light, side-light, and front-light direction.

This kind of lighting technique is widely used in every home. The direction of the light comes from above and illuminates objects underneath. Almost every room in the house requires down-light lighting which functions to light objects evenly. Then, what kinds of lamps have the down-lighting direction? There are various options for this such as incandescent, fluorescent, and compact fluorescent with a big distribution angle. With the right setting, down-light lamp can create a different atmosphere when used as a decorative lighting. One example is the widely used wall washer which directs the light to the wall so that the texture and color of the wall will appear dramatically and beautifully.

In this lighting technique, the light comes from the bottom up where the position of the light is faced upwards. It is widely used as a decorative lighting which is able to create a luxurious impression. An object that is commonly illuminated by this lighting is a pool. Since the surface area which is exposed is limited, it will be more suitable to use a halogen light which has a narrow illumination angle.

Backlight means that the light comes from behind the object. This is done to accentuate the object, for example, to bring up the silhouette. While on a particular object, the backlight illumination gives a dazzling light at the edge which makes it more clearly visible.


Sidelight is the same as the backlight. It is intended to give emphasis on certain elements that become interior accents. And most of the light is used in the artwork or other art objects.

The light comes from the front of the object and should be evenly distributed. An evenly distributed light can make photos/paintings look for what they are, except if we want a particular section appear brighter or darker.

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