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Should We Always Paint the Ceiling in White?

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Ceiling Color TrendWhy every time we see a ceiling, it is almost always in white? Actually a ceiling should not always be in white. Ceiling is one of three basic elements in a home construction, i.e. floor, wall, and ceiling. Similar to wall and floor, we can also explore our creativity to create a different atmosphere in the room through the ceiling. What we usually find in the construction of a ceiling is the use of gypsum profile with different surface heights, which is beautified with lights. Well, today we want to share some easy tips in designing a ceiling through the use of colors.

You can give the ceiling a touch of color with a darker or brighter nuance than the walls. To do this, simply look at the color table which is usually showed when you buy paints in the market. Choose the one with few different strips above or under it. It is intended to keep the color still in the same category with the main color of the wall, for example; green, dark green, light green, yellowish green, and so on. Yet, you can choose another color which can be combined beautifully with the walls and the floor as well to create a harmony in the room.

For a special room, you can do an experiment using dramatic colors for the ceiling, such as brown and metallic colors. It will create an interesting atmosphere into the room like the dressing room, dining room, or main bedroom. In addition to the selection of colors and shapes, to make a good ceiling you also need to consider the lighting. The appropriate lighting will strengthen the character we want to show. If you prefer neutral colors, you can try to use bright khaki colors for the ceiling. So, you are free to create and innovate your ceiling without having to be strict to the custom of a white ceiling. Well, now look at the ceiling on your room and find any idea to make it more colorful and more alive. Good luck.

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