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5 Types of Lighting Technique in your home design

Kitchen and Dining Room Idea with Luxury Lighting DesignAll lighting, whether it comes from the sun or a light bulb, can be categorized into five types. You can apply these lighting techniques in your home design and determine what impression you want to build in a room, and then take advantage of the role of light to make it more attractive. Here are the lighting types you might want to apply in your home.

1. Natural lighting
Natural lighting refers to the sunlight which comes into a room in a variety of ways. Windows and doors are the most common medium used to capture natural light. In addition, the sunlight can also be indirectly accepted by the space through other objects that reflect light. The effect of natural lighting is beautiful indeed, although it is only presents during the daytime.

2. Ambient lighting
One simple option for lighting is the ambient light, i.e. lighting which seems to come from all directions. Neon lights are an example of ambient lighting we often find at homes. Ambient lighting can produce a soft and warm light. But this light can only illuminate a whole, meaning that if we want to give emphasis on certain areas, this lighting is not suitable.

3. Accent lighting
Contrast with ambient lighting, accent lighting is set to give accents to certain areas or features of a room. Spotlights are the examples of accent lighting. Hidden canned lights are another way to provide accent light in the bathroom, kitchen, or bedroom. Accent lighting is used to show objects such as furniture, artwork, or painting. Because accent lighting leads directly to the objects, it tends to become hot more quickly.

4. Aesthetic lighting
If you want to show the light itself as the center of the decoration, installing an aesthetic light is the right choice. Wall lights, flip-flop lights, and ornamental lights are the examples of aesthetic lighting. This lighting can also be used as accents in the room. It is a great way to add elegance and luxury to your home decor project. The drawback is that lamps of this type are usually much more expensive than other lighting options.

5. Work lighting
This kind of lighting is best used for lighting on an office desk and kitchen or bathroom countertop. It functions to illuminate important work areas that require special and optimal lighting. Flexible desk lamps and under cabinet LED lights are the examples of the use of this lighting type. It helps you work well when you need a light wherever you want. And because it is so specific, the light from the light source cannot be used to illuminate the entire room.

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