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A Magic Element to Create a Dramatic Effect

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Luxury Swimming Pool with Beautiful Lighting

The luxury swimming pool above looks more beautiful with the presence of the decorative lighting. The lights around this pool serve as an accent which is able to create a romantic and warm atmosphere. This lighting design becomes an integral part of the great composition of the stones, plants, and water which are carefully arranged.

Well, through the right lighting, there are many dramatic effects you can create in your home, apartment, shop, even restaurant. The right lighting layout would be able to make a room look larger or smaller, and to create a romantic or even passionate atmosphere. In shorts, you can create any effect you want in an area through a certain lighting design.

These are several lighting types we need to know:

1. Ambient lighting. Technically, ambient lighting means the total light coming from all directions, to the whole space. A lamp placed in the middle of the room is just one part of the ambient lighting. But if there is light coming from all edges of the ceiling, for example, there comes the ambient lighting. In making the ambient lighting, the light must be flexible enough for a variety of situations or events that may occur in the room.

2. Local lighting. It is a type of lighting intended for daily activities, such as reading, studying, cooking, dressing and so on. It helps us not easily get tired.

3. Accent lighting or lighting that serves as an accent. In addition to the above example, this type of lighting can be used to make certain angles or certain items become prominent. This lighting can guide visitors to see an item, or a particular collection.

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