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The Kiev restaurant scene is steeped in Chinese culture

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YOD Studio of Commercial Design combined ancient Chinese traditions with the idea of cosmopolitanism, using influences from Singapore, Honk Kong, and New York City.  The result is BAO restaurant, an exciting addition to the Kiev restaurant scene.

The design is steeped in Chinese culture.  Standing back, the feng shui layout gives a sense that all of the individual parts are inter-connected.  The tiny details also harken back to Chinese style with ceramics, water and fire, and red spotlights.

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The main dining area centers on a long 50-person communal dining table from which you can view the open kitchen.  Running across the length of the ceiling above this centerpiece is an eye-catching sculpture of a scaly dragon diving into water.  Each ceramic scale symbolizes a fish that has passed through the Dragon Gateway, in accordance with Chinese legend.

An upstairs room overlooks the main dining area and kitchen and features a bright installation called Chinese warrior armor.

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YOD Studio was inspired by a bamboo forest and scaffolding in their design of the bar area.  They hung metal rods to give the space an industrial look in a geometric pattern that, combined with radial lines, resemble dougong roofs and yin and yang balance. [Photography courtesy of Andrey Avdeenko and information courtesy of YOD Studio of Commercial Design]

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