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New CLW-DELV wireless dimmers switches

Crestron really wants you to ditch that light switch. They are certainly making it enticing with the company’s new CLW-DELV wireless dimmers.: As part of Crestron’s Cameo infiNET EX line, the CLW-DELV can provide in-wall RF dimming of incandescent, halogen and LED light sources. The company is making 120- and 277-volt versions available now, with a 230-volt model coming on April 1, 2016.

Cameo in-wall dimmers have field-replaceable, engravable buttons that can be configured with a variety of button layouts. Crestron is also making these dimmers available in a variety of colors.

“Due to their energy saving and long-life benefits, LED lighting is the fastest growing lighting technology on the market today. As part of a complete Crestron lighting control solution, CLW-DELV dimmers fill the increasing demand for wireless and flicker-free LED fixture dimming as well as traditional incandescent and halogen light fixtures,” said Mike Malone, Crestron’s VP of commercial lighting controls. “CLW-DELV dimmers complement and round out our existing infiNET EX line and allow specifiers to deliver integrated dimming solutions in voltage options for every type of load in every type of space in any part of the world.”

Crestron says that Cameo CLW wireless dimmers work in both new and retrofit applications, via infiNET EX 2.4 GHz mesh network technology. This type of install can cut down on the wiring and labor costs typically associated with installing traditional wired systems.
“As the retrofit market continues to grow, CLW wireless lighting control products offer an ideal solution for integrators who want to introduce automated lighting control to their clients,” said Malone. “You no longer have to cut holes through walls and ceilings to run new control wiring. And, you practically eliminate the wasted time, headaches and costs associated with a fixed wired installation without sacrificing performance.”