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Interior Lighting Designs for Illumination and Aesthetics

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Luxury Interior LightingLighting is an important factor in the interior design area. All we know is there are two sources of light, i.e. the natural light coming from the sun and artificial light coming from the lamp. During the day, the natural lighting provides an even and continuous light. Therefore, a light control is often done, which is using certain elements such as window glass fitted with horizontal blinds. By doing so, the amount of incoming light can be set.

While in the evening, the sunlight is replaced with artificial light. Over time, artificial lights not only serve as a light that helps the human vision only, however, as well as an attractive decorative element. The effects of artificial light can highlight the beauty of an object and create a certain atmosphere in a room.

The role of light in the interior
There are two roles of light for interior design and architecture, the first role is to identify buildings. At night, the presence of light will help our sense of sight identify the objects. Without it, the uniqueness of an architectural building, the decorative elements of a facade, texture details, ornaments, and building color s will be not visible.

The second role is that light can improve the aesthetic quality of buildings and spaces. The details and architectural elements as well as the specific space can be highlighted with a certain type of lighting so that the object becomes more beautiful and dominant. Lights can create the desired feel and character of a space.

Light effects can also give the impression of a more spacious space, or a certain impression which have the effect on the occupants’ soul. For example, blue light is believed to calm the mind, the green light is suitable for relaxation and balance the emotions, memorable exotic red light, etc.

Function of lighting
Based on the function, the lighting can be divided into three: general lighting, task lighting, and decorative lighting.

General lighting is lighting used to illuminate the whole room evenly. It functions to help us see clearly and perform activities. Task lighting is to support certain activities that need more light such as reading, cooking, and writing. Decorative lighting or accent lighting is an additional lighting which to improve the aesthetics of a space. Well, the use of three types of lighting can be combined in a one room or can also be used in accordance the needs of the space.

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