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The Kitchen Work Area Need Sufficient Lighting

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Kitchen with Under Cabinet LightingIt is not only desks in the study room which need sufficient lighting. Designing lighting for the kitchen can be likened to cooking.The kitchen area also needs sufficient lighting so that the kitchen activity can run more comfortably. If you don’t use the right ingredients, the food will taste bad. That’s why we could not apply any lighting carelessly. Needs, habits, and tastes affect the placement of the lights.

A kitchen area which should receive our big attention is the work area because it is where we do most of the activity from preparing food, cooking, and even making drink, and so on. A lot of people just rely on a single downlight in the ceiling. Though it is quite bright, it is not necessarily sufficient for the work.

The kitchen work area is usually located in the kitchen set, under a wall cabinet. Due to the arrangement of the wall cabinet, it is clear that the light is not possible to illuminate the fullest. Moreover, when we are standing in opposite of the light position, there will be shadows in the area where we prepare foods.

If you face a condition like this, it is not impossible that you have to walk here and there under the downlight to get sufficient lighting when reading recipes or expiration date of the foods. The worse one is when you have to work with a knife in such area; it may hurt your fingers. To avoid such thing, it is suggested that you place additional lights. If the work area is under the wall cabinet, place under cabinet lights so that the light falls perfectly on top of the work area .

In a large kitchen design, the activities are often done on the kitchen island. For this case, just put a chandelier right above it. To make it look way prettier you could also put a row of three small pendants with attractive designs.

When the kitchen work area gets enough light, working in the kitchen feels much more comfortable. The one who were not interested in cooking might now become a big fan of cooking, trying new recipes.

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