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9 Principles in Outdoor Lighting Design

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Modern Exterior Home with Cool LightingReducing the aesthetics, lack of lighting is able to disturb the security of the home, especially during the night. It can invite criminals, given the number of sides of the building that are not exposed to light. In addition,in terms of comfort, lack of exterior lighting can cause accidents, since some façade and garden element materials are hard, sharp and slick.

Feel confused in determining the proper and functional exterior lighting systems? Here are some tips that you can follow to apply lighting on the exterior of your home.

1 . Focus the lighting function
Before determining the type of light used, you should first determine the purpose of exterior lighting for your home, whether the emphasis is on aesthetic, safety or comfort.

2 . Select strong device
Select devices which are safe to be used in open space and resistant to weather changes. Make sure that the light cables are safely embedded in the ground in order to reduce the possibility of tripping.

3 . Determine the desired atmosphere
Determine the atmosphere to be achieved so that you can easily determine the type, color, up to the brightness level of the lights. A dramatic and contrast atmosphere can be achieved through the exterior lighting.

4 . Illuminate the accident prone area
In addition to safety from crime, exterior lighting also serves to minimize minor accidents, such as falling or being stumbled in vulnerable areas like pools, floor with different height levels, and so on.

5 . Know the exterior elements
Before you install the lights, you should recognize the exterior elements you have. There are some plants that will not bear the light. There are also materials such as natural stone wall or exposed brick that has aesthetic value when added to yellow light. Adjust the strength of the beam to the size of the exterior elements so that it can get the maximum light exposure.

6 . Do not interfere with aesthetics
Make sure that the lighting device does not interfere with the exterior aesthetics. In order to outsmart the large exterior lights, you can hide them in the ground, behind the lush plants, or behind a pile of decorative stones.

7 . Highlight on some prettiest points
After recognizing the exterior elements and the advantages, you can directly specify the points you want to expose to the fullest and the parts you want to hide. Highlight areas that you like in your garden so that they can be seen easily.

8 . Adjust the lights to the needs
Adjust the lighting usage to the needs and budget you have. As a solution, select the type of lighting that is more efficient and energy saving.

9 . Choose exterior lights according to the home design
Although being installed outdoor, you have to pay attention to the selection of armature and light design which is appropriate with the home design, especially on the home exterior concept as a whole.