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Three Types of Lighting to Create an Impressive and Cozy Atmosphere

Modern Minimalist Interior with Decorative Lighting

An Illustration of Decorative Lighting which Makes a Room More Attractive.

A comfortable house generally meets some criteria set up by the home designers or the home owners. All these things certainly need to be considered in the designing stage, so that the house is built in such a way fulfilling the expected aspects.These criteria cover many aspects starting from the building look, building finishing, room atmosphere, up to the mental and psychological aspects experienced by the occupants, such as the humidity of the room, the comfort of the activity in the house, and various other aspects.

Home interior lighting holds an important role in the house.It functions not only to brighten the rooms but also to create a certain atmosphere. For instance, through a certain lighting arrangement you can obtain an impression of a warm, cool, clean, or romantic interior atmosphere. In general, home lighting is divided into two types; natural lighting and artificial lighting.

Adequate natural lighting should be first considered when planning a new home design. A healthy house is the one in which each rooms has adequate natural lighting. In addition to providing lights, natural lighting also helps you create a healthy house. It makes the house free from dampness, look spacious and bright, and also comfortable. Home natural lighting can be obtained by adding connection visually to outdoor, such as through doors, windows, transparent boards, skylights, and other openings.

Cozy Living Room with Glass Window

Natural lighting from the sun determines the quality and healthy of a room.

House artificial lighting is another important lighting for a comfortable house. The main goal of artificial lighting is to make sure that the house is adequately illuminated so that all rooms can function well. Artificial lighting is most needed and important for the nighttime. In addition, it also helps creating a certain atmosphere and feel within the house.

Artificial lighting can be divided into several types. Ambient lighting, or general lighting, provides overall illumination to the room in the house. The light radiated has a comfortable level of brightness without glare. It allows you to walk and see everything clearly. This ambient lighting can be obtained from chandeliers, ceiling lights, wall-mounted lights, or track lights. A central source of ambient light in all rooms is very important to create a good home lighting plan.

Another type of artificial lighting is decorative lighting. This lighting is aimed at creating a certain atmosphere within a room in the house. It focuses on the fulfillment of the aspects of aesthetic, beauty, and harmony when using the lights at the night time. Decorative lighting is also very important in the planning process since it is also a main factor determining the home quality. It can be used to create some atmosphere such as romantic, fresh, formal, glamour, warm, exclusive, and so forth.

White Large Modern Living Room

Artificial light in a living room is able to create an impressive atmosphere.

Interior decorative lighting can cover lighting elements placed on the wall, ceiling, or in the form of lamps with aesthetic value. The pictures in this article are showing how rooms can present different atmospheres through different lighting techniques.

For exterior lighting, the artificial lighting elements can be placed on the exterior wall which creates an overall illumination for the building. In addition to becoming brighter, the outdoor atmosphere will create a comfortable and safe impression, especially when you do activities at the night time.