You are currently viewing The USAI Lighting LED Triangle Provide Specifiers An Entirely New And Powerful Way To Use Light

The USAI Lighting LED Triangle Provide Specifiers An Entirely New And Powerful Way To Use Light

Compromise-Free LED Technology, Designed to Lead the Market

From the time light emitting diodes (LEDs) first started making waves in the industry, USAI Lighting has been innovating and engineering proprietary LED technologies that replicate – and surpass – the traditional light sources we have always known. USAI’s goal: to engineer balanced products in which a lighting specifier can have it all – without compromise. By taking a holistic, innovation-first approach, USAI Lighting’s research and development team has created products that not only replace and exceed traditional sources, but provide specifiers an entirely new and powerful way to use light.

When developing its industry-leading fixtures, USAI Lighting focuses on achieving the perfect blend and balance between the three primary factors it believes – in addition to beautiful design – are necessary to consistently create breakthrough products: color technology, optical design and performance. This LED Triangle created by USAI Lighting represents the cornerstones of the guiding philosophy upon which all USAI products are imagined, tested and developed.

Color: Creating New Design Palettes and Tools

Ensuring color consistency and ideal chromaticity between fixtures has long been a priority for USAI Lighting’s engineering team. Color Harmony® – a feature of all USAI Lighting LED products – achieves this goal, offering fixture-to-fixture consistency within a two-step MacAdam ellipse. This means that all fixtures appear consistent and perfectly matched to one another within a space. Specifiers can feel confident using these products anywhere as they are ideal for color-sensitive applications such as art or retail as well as for use in large open interiors where fixture to fixture color consistency is critical.

USAI Lighting engineers have created new possibilities and design tools never before available . Designers can now select from a wide array of color temperatures, ranging from 2,200K to 6,000K in both static single kelvin temperature LEDs or variable color product families. These patented technologies offer design opportunities only limited by the imagination and include Color Select®, Warm Glow® Dimming and Infinite Color+®.

These proprietary and patented products offer designers unique and flexible color temperature ranges in which to achieve desired goals. This is true whether the need is to find the perfect color temperature to flatter a bride’s skin tone while simultaneously allowing her diamonds to sparkle, or to create study spaces in which students can work under lights that mimic natural daylight from morning to evening for maximum alertness.

Optics: Power and Beam Control in One Precise, Little Package

Designers need outstanding optical control to highlight objects and direct light exactly where it is wanted. USAI Lighting engineers were given a mission: develop an optical design that offers power and beam control not previously possible in an LED fixture. The end result is USAI Lighting’s patent-pending optical system, developed through the use of sophisticated software and human ingenuity.

USAI Lighting has developed a diverse toolbox with a full array of beam spreads from 10 to 80 degrees. Point Perfect® specifically offers the first tight, 10-degree beam from a 2.5-inch aperture. Optical apertures are available in 1-7/8 inches up to 6 inches, delivering anywhere between 1,000 to 5,000 lumens.

Performance: A Balance of Power and Efficiency

USAI Lighting has achieved the delicate act of balancing maximum performance with energy efficiency. This means offering LED fixtures that provide the most amount of light using the least amount of watts (maximum Lumens per Watt) without compromising the aesthetic integrity of the fixtures.USAI Lighting has designed fixtures to provide the maximum performance from the smallest possible apertures – blending seamlessly into architecture.

Available output options range from 600 to 5,000 delivered lumens, with a center beam candlepower ranging from 8,000 to 44,000 and efficacy over 70 lumens per watt. This means efficient, code-compliant products that also look good and deliver the right amount of light – where it is desired.

Highly Engineered Solutions Mean Designers Finally Can Have it All

Adhering to the guiding principle of our LED Triangle, USAI Lighting has created fixture families which offer total solutions with broad reliability and consistency across the board. This is true whether the LED applications are put to use in luxury jewelry boutiques, high-end art galleries, airport concourses, or cutting-edge multi-use indoor arenas or a residences.