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Ilumi Smartstrip adjustable white Smartbulbs and the LED Smartstrip

Why should the inside of your house have all the fun? Colorful LED light bulbs have been available for some time; finally, there’s a solution that can stand up to the wear and tear of Mother Nature. Designed as a strip of LED lights, ilumi’s newest member to its family of IoT smart lighting solutions is one of the world’s first outdoor-rated and digitally addressable smart LED strip (IP65 outdoor rating to protect against weather).

With individually controlled LEDs, the ilumi Smartstrip can be set to create patterns to complement and bring alive any landscape or room. Like all ilumi smart lighting products, a user just plugs in their ilumi Smartstrip, downloads the ilumi app, and syncs them to get started – no hub or additional networking required. The ilumi Smartstrip will be available through national retailers this Spring for $89 for a two meter starter kit and $29 for one meter extensions.

If white lighting is more your style, new to iIlumi are adjustable white A19 bulbs and BR30 floodlights.

Like all ilumi smart lights, their intelligent design provides lighting recommendations for each room to optimize the light to the space. And because the memory is in the ilumi bulb itself, it will remember color preferences and settings – even if users turn the smart bulb on or off with a light switch instead of the app. Available later this quarter through Amazon, the bulbs cost just $29 and $39, and offer more than a twenty-year lifetime.

Features of ilumi adjustable white Smartbulbs and the LED Smartstrip:

65,000 shades of white light to fit any lighting need and preference
Screws in like a regular lightbulb, no hub or other complicated networking required
Works with regular light switches, while remembering your settings and preferences
Completely dimmable through app
Music Sync sets light shows to your tunes
Scheduling automation for on/off times, and preferred lighting
Presets and special effect lighting options available
Bluetooth Mesh allows for easy installation and reliable control of up to fifty devices