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How to use your home’s lights to boost your mood

There was an article I read recently that placed Michigan as the second-worst state to live in during the winter months. I’ve lived in Michigan pretty much my entire life, so the poor grade came as no surprise. It’s not really the snow and cold temps that put Michigan in a bad light; it’s the gray sky that hangs relentlessly overhead from November until April that put people in a funk. The sun simply refuses to shine. It’s probably why I’m such a fan of good lighting, especially when those lights are automated. Rooms filled with light have a way of lifting my spirits even on the gloomiest of Michigan winter days.

Sure, my feelings about light are purely anecdotal, but there is science behind the effect that both artificial and natural light can have on a person’s mood. Electronic House has covered the importance of smart lighting to a home’s appearance, security, and energy efficiency; we present how to use your home’s lights to boost your mood and improve well-being—perfect for combating the January blues, whether you live in Michigan or Florida. The information comes courtesy of OKA, an interior design store in England and the U.S.