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Principles of Lighting: Design Windows for Your Home

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Each home design will have its own characteristics which is the main attraction of the home. The architectural design is a lot more to discuss home design such as minimalist, contemporary, classic, tropical, and so forth. It’s different from when talking about windows that look to have a bit of architectural design. In fact, along with the emergence of many architectural designs, there also a huge selection of window architectural styles today.

Window architecture design
There are a lot of contemporary window designs now. The contemporary element lies not in the form of glass, but in the carvings on each side and the middle of the window. This is way similar to fence with trellis. Yet, the iron trellis used in window architectural design is different in terms of the size, in which it is way smaller and features softer materials. You have various trellis design options which are put in the middle of each window.

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The right size of your window
Nowadays homeowners prefer minimalist windows which look more modern and attractive. A too big window will make a house look less elegant.

Rectangle becomes the most favorable window shape. A minimalist rectangle window will form an interesting design which beautifies your house. Some homeowners also choose square shaped window for their minimalist house.

Number of iron trellis in window
Although you want your windows look artistic and attractive by presenting the iron trellis, you should remain prioritizing the main function of the windows. Do not put too many trellis so that they block or obscure the sunlight which is supposed to enter your house. If this happens, your house will get dark.

Contemporary window for contemporary home design 
You can actually apply any window design for your contemporary home. Yet, contemporary window design would be much more suitable for your home. It will make your home way more lively and attractive.

Minimalist Window Design