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Lighting Provide The Right Atmosphere And Control The Mood In Each Room in Your House

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Romantic Ligthing Design for Dining RoomLighting has the same function. Lighting does not only illuminate a room, but also controls the mood in a room. Every room in a house is designed in such a way to create a different atmosphere for each space, e.g. a relaxing atmosphere in the bedroom, busy atmosphere in the office, cozy atmosphere in the family room. So, specify the exact function of a room. Do not let your work space too dark or your bedroom too bright so that you don’t feel comfortably staying there.

Lighting techniques have the effect of its own and should be able to adjust to the furniture around it, in order to create the right atmosphere. For example, for a work space, you will need a bright light that can facilitate you to work. Bright light can be obtained by using a cool white light. If you want a little touch of yellow light, choose warm white light. Work space that requires high concentration to work should use a fairly bright lighting so the room could be used to the maximum.

The dining room which requires a comfortable atmosphere to dine and gather with family members should be given a slightly dim light to create an intimate feel. The right light for the dining room is chandelier which can spread a warm bright light. Another option is a pendant lamp with a modern and simple style. It will provide a fairly bright light uniquely to your dining room.

The brightness level of the lamp will influence the room’s atmosphere. A bright room creates an active and positive atmosphere. A dim room tends to create a romantic and intimate atmosphere. Meanwhile, accent lighting is used to dramatize a room, e.g. spotlight. When there is an object spotted by the spotlight, the object will always attract people’s attention.

Dimmer has an important role to control the brightness level in a room. With only one touch, a room can look bright for an active atmosphere, or dim for a romantic atmosphere. Consider using a dimmer in your house to create a different atmosphere at any occasion.