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Smart Light Bulb Connects with Your Fitbit

There are all sorts of smart light bulbs available—ones that change color, others that have integrated motion detectors, and those that listen for your voice commands. Qube adds yet another innovative twist to its Qube Smart Bulb: the ability for it to brighten, dim, or illuminate in a particular color based on your location, or to be more accurate, the location of any BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) mobile device like a smartphone or wearable like a Fitbit or Jawbone.

If you’re working out in the rec room with your Fitbit, for example, the Smart Bulb in that room could brighten while a Qube in the kitchen and family room turn off.

Because BLE is a short-range communications protocol, you’ll need to be inside the house of the Qube to respond, but it opens up the opportunity for lights to react a certain way based on which room you happen to occupy. Of course, there’s also an app so you can drill into deeper automation schemes with a tap of a finger. Based on scenes you create by using the app, you can activate a Sunset mood, Reading mood, or Party mood, for example. The Qube can produce a full spectrum of 16 million different hues, so you can incorporate color into any scene.

In addition, you can use the app to create a daily schedule for the Qube to follow, make it blink, change colors, whatever as notification of an incoming message or phone call; and let it turn on and off randomly to make your unoccupied house look occupied.

The Qube will be available for order in January at a discounted retail price of $24; thereafter it will be $29. The company claims it is “the most affordable smart bulb in the world.”